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Shots fired, explosives left at Dallas police headquarters

Eric Arthur Blair

DALLAS – Shots were fired at Dallas Police Department headquarters and another location after midnight Saturday, officials said. Explosives were also discovered inside a duffel bag at headquarters, and the bag exploded early Saturday morning, hours after the shooting.

At least one suspect was parked in front of the building prior to the first shooting, Police Chief David Brown said during a news conference. When officers arrived, the suspect rammed the squad cars with his van. The suspect shot at officers with an automatic weapon, and officers exchanged gunfire. No officers were injured.

The suspect later told police he had been shot, but Brown said officials have not confirmed this.

Further, officials discovered four duffel bags around police headquarters, and confirmed that at least one of the bags contains pipe bombs.

As a bomb squad robot attempted to move one of the bags, it exploded. No injuries were reported.

Police have evacuated the surrounding area and are looking into whether the other bags also contain explosives, Brown said.

The suspect — who was driving what witnesses called an armored van — then led officers in a high-speed chase down Interstate 45, which shut the highway down. The chase ended in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box in Hutchins, Texas, Brown said. The suspect and officers again exchanged gunfire, during which no officers were hit.

The Dallas SWAT team has been called in and has begun negotiations with the suspect, who identified himself as James Boulware. Brown said they have not confirmed if this is the suspect’s identity.


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