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Eric Arthur Blair

Over the past several years I have watched the rising of a troubling tide of Marxist and Communist ideology within the western world and until recently have been puzzled as to what is the true driver behind this regressive epidemic. Of course there are the obvious explanations that point to the faltering economy, lack of jobs, corruption, increasing outsourcing and automation, and general disillusionment with governments and political parties. This environment tends to foster revolt, and is to be expected to a certain degree as a reaction to the failure of our leaders to increase or even sustain the standard of living for its constituents.


What was confusing to me was why are so many people espousing an ideology that has repeatedly shown itself to be such an utterly destructive disaster throughout history? Of course a large part of it is almost complete ignorance of history by a large segment of the world population. Modern media likes to flush those ideas right down the memory hole, and with an educational system controlled by Marxist and leftist ideologies from kindergarten all the way thru post graduate school, it is really not shocking this part of history is ignored or glossed over. Yet again, this is only a smaller piece of the puzzle providing momentum to this ideological putrefaction, not the true linchpin & source of it.


The history of Marxism actually goes back thousands of years and is related to certain religious texts, but for the sake of brevity and not conflagrating this topic with more controversial issues that would distract from the main topic, this will be omitted. If one is curious about going back further a few web searches will lead you to this topic. After doing years of research looking into the origins and beginnings of Marxism and communism, I was lead to the last stages of Tsarist Russia, and the Bolshevik revolution. In the early 1900’s, Russia was in chaos. War with Japan, the end of the monarchy, financial instability, and Bolshevik revolution all conspired to bring about utterly devastating changes to Russia forever.



As a result of all this strife and instability, Russia was left in a financially stressed position. Taking advantage of this, western banking elite started funding and giving loans to Bolshevik revolutionaries in order to increase the chaos and create conditions favorable to opportunist investment in the disarray. In addition to this more immediate investment opportunity, this also had the added effect of allowing them to create a society that was an antithesis to capitalism. A boogeyman if you will to help create incentive for military spending in the future helping to give birth to the military industrial complex as it is know today.


This helped create the “us verse them” dichotomy that is so useful for pushing the Hegelian dialectic which is well known this day. Create a problem, there is a reaction, and they provide a predetermined solution that follows their own narrative and ends, then repeat. As Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of the notoriously corrupt city of Chicago is well known for saying:


“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, and what I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”



This is also well demonstrated in the dual party system in the USA in the Republicans verses Democrats. Republicans get in power and abuse Republican ideals, then they vote Democrat next time then Democrats get in and violate Democratic ideals, and it repeats. It is in effect an institutionalization of failure. This is what Capitalism verses Communism was meant to be, only on a worldwide level. Another version of “us vs them” designed to manipulate the ideals of both sides simultaneously while convincing them both of their ideological superiority. This dichotomy is even evident in the Communist flag. The hammer and the sickle are ancient symbols. The hammer represents building, growth, and Capitalism, which the sickle represents the harvest, destruction, and Communism. You can not feed yourself without tending the seed, and you can not harvest without destroying the crop you have tended. In other words, a multi-generational, global pump and dump scheme. Capitalism is used to create incentive to create actual goods and capital, mostly thru the issuing of credit inducing the population to work. Then once the nation is ripe and reaches capacity, Communism is introduced to harvest the wealth of the nation and tear down the existing system in order to start over again once reduced to ashes, and Capitalism is again re-introduced.


This explains some of the motive for creating and promoting Marxist ideology, now back to the historical origins of its rise and metamorphosis into what we know it as today. After Bolshevism took a foothold in Russia and just a year before the formation of the USSR, The Frankfurt School was founded in 1923 in Germany, and years later moved to Geneva, then to Columbia University in New York due to the Nazis forcing its closure in Germany. The Frankfurt School is most well-known for creating the philosophical movement known as “Critical Theory”.


This theory largely served the purpose of giving a scientific veneer for the purposes of promoting Marxist ideology. As a result of Sociology and Psychology not being so called “hard sciences” since truly independent peer reviewed studies with real controls are not really possible, these fields are extremely vulnerable to political and ideological manipulation. This vulnerability was, and continues to be exploited to this day to give an aura of scientific basis behind pushing certain ideologies. You may recognize the modern day practice of Critical Theory in leftist groups and academic environments which are largely Marxist controlled. This is exemplified in the tendency for people to try to describe everything as a “social construct”, taking a purist “nurture” route in the “nature verses nurture” debate, as well as the “tabula rasa” or “blank slate” theory well known in Psychology.


Using this ideological construct, one can question and endlessly deconstruct any accepted human concept, which makes a perfect vehicle for dismantling the foundational institutions of Western society. This aligns perfectly with “The Ten Planks of the Comminist Manifesto ” outlined by Karl Marx, and fosters the perfect environment for the destruction of the system of values that has built the modern world we live in.



“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold:
its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.
If we can undermine these three areas,
America will collapse from within.”

-Josef Stalin


There are repeating themes in the writings of Marx and Engels outlining the destruction of religion, morality, and patriotism. Using the ideology of Marxism loosely veiled under the umbrella of “science” in the field of Critical Theory, these institutions are systematically dismantled piece by piece, inch by inch, constantly eroding existing social structures under the pretext of righting some perceived or manufactured injustice.


Marxism, using the construct of Critical Theory takes its host in many if not most “activist” organizations, much like a parasite takes a host, reorganizing its entire body to serve it, regardless of the cost to the host. This not only serves as a mechanism for plausible deniability for the Marxist orchestrators of these movements, but adds another layer of protection against criticism of their ideology by shielding themselves behind real, manufactured, or perceived injustices, and claiming any critic is simply a perpetrator of this injustice. In this manner, any criticism can easily be dismissed as bigotry, prejudice, racism, sexism, homophobia, fascism, Nazism, etc.


True believers involved in these causes are eager to validate their time an effort, and resistant to feeling like they have been misled, therefore jump at any opportunity presented to manifest their antagonist therefore justifying their efforts, even if the most superficial logical analysis of the situation would contradict these conclusions. This is a very common theme among practitioners of Marxism. Instead of presenting themselves for what they are, they are more apt to infiltrate and subvert structures created by others, while maintaining the original goals of the organizations only in the most superficial forms, and only in a capacity sufficient to shield them from criticism for fear of being chastised as a hater of [insert marginalized group here].


These kind of accusations, and the resulting mobbing from these groups has shown repeatedly to ruin the livelihoods of those who bring even the most common sense solutions that dare to contradict the ideologies of these organizations in any way. In fact this has specifically become a strategy of these organizations to target to livelihoods of those who criticize them, as employers fearing a public relations nightmare will often gladly toss one or more of their employees to the wolves, regardless of the absence of any actual wrong doing, simply to avoid such negative attention from this very loud and hysterical minority of voices.


Photograph taken of the 1931 demolition of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow in order to make way for the Palace of the Soviets

As any efficient parasite does, instead of creating its own structures for subsistence and to serve its own needs, in most efficient form it instead hijacks the strife and work of others and attempts to re-purpose it to its own ends. Much like the Cuckoo finch, these actors mimic the people doing the actual work of development, and replace its ideological “eggs” with its own, attempting to manipulate others into acting against their own interests in order to achieve the actor’s goals. Why do the work of creating your own institutions, when you can destroy existing institutions that conflict with your own ideology while also spreading your own? Like a virus bursting a cell membrane exploding its genetic code within an organism to further reproduce itself, Marxists prefer to infest hosts rather than to evolve on their own efforts.


Of course, Marxism and Communism has proven itself throughout history to be a failed ideology, so it can never evolve past this strategy of parasitism. In fact Marxism and Communism can not exist outside of a host because it ignores basic realities of human nature like scarcity, supply & demand, and incentive. While Marxism ignores some key points of human nature, it does so selectively, and in such a way that fosters an environment for its further growth. One area where Marxism is tied in very efficiently with human nature, is its propensity for narcissism. Of course there are various forms and levels of narcissistic behavior, and this is an a tribute all humans share in one form or another, but where Marxism really thrives is within those on the more extreme end of the spectrum, also known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). These individuals are not only in a perfect psychological state to be carriers and transmitters of Marxist ideology, they are extremely resistant to any criticism, and will latch on to any pretext available, now matter how shallow, in order to divert blame away from their own thoughts and actions. Furthermore as these narcissists collect in groups they serve to enable and normalize this behavior amongst themselves and serve to create an atmosphere where this behavior is acceptable. This makes them perfect hosts for the ideological virus of Marxism.


After years of studying what drives Communism and Marxism at its core, what really provides its momentum and growth, I am left with one primary conclusion that best sums up this ideology. Marxism is “memetic narcissism”. That is to say Marxism is a virus of the mind, a meme in popular terminology, which is concerned with only one thing, spreading itself. In a healthy, growing society, it would be difficult for this virus to spread as many fewer people would be in such a state of imbalance which would allow for this mental disorder to develop and spread. Since Marxism feeds off of the discontent of people on one level or another, without this malaise it has no host to latch on to. However in a society such as in the USA and other Western nations where many have enjoyed generations of abundance and even opulence, and growth and real development is stagnating, as in any late stage empire, the psychological state of its people begins to degenerate making it more vulnerable to such psychological pathogens. In a society so utterly infatuated with the sense of self to the point of ignoring the whole, we are bound to produce an exceptional amount of narcissists as such behavior is no longer even punished, but rewarded and encouraged.


This brings us closer to the modern day state of Marxism’s growth in the West. Narcissism is at its core the pathology of a perpetual victim. In order to justify its destructive behavior it seeks to amplify existing, or manufacture perceived transgressions against itself in order to justify the victimization of others in some malignant perverted logic meant to some how transform this pattern of victimization into a sense of equality. The narcissist perceives a transgression, declares themselves or others victims, and then through this logic justifies the victimization of others in the name of creating equality, thus creating more victims, and the cycle continues and grows. What could be more descriptive than this to explain the history of Marxism and Communism?


In summary, most of the Western world is dangerously unprepared for the spread of memetic narcissism known as Marxism. Ignorant of history, politics, and psychology, the masses often confuse this ideology for democracy, liberalism, or progressive ideals and thus they go ignored, left to grow like a tumor in the heart of our republics. The people of the world badly need to be inoculated against the spread of this illness and so few are even aware of its existence all around them assuming other names and forms. You may not believe in it, but millions of others do, and that affects you. Cultivate the minds of those around you before it is too late, because we are ripe for harvest, and who will hold the seed?






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